It's been a decade since I've updated but you can read my previous about me page here. A lot has happened and now I'm experiencing Mom-life. Which is why it's taken forever to update the site!

I still love documenting life. I take pictures of everythign and anything. I think it enhances my memory. 

My brand-spanking nephew is no longer a baby but. I do have two new little loves, my daughters Felicty Grace and Clara.

Plantar fasciitis has changed my view on being barefoot.

Birkenstocks are a life saver.

I still think spreadsheets are underrated.

Kids ARE hilarious and frustrating, especially when you look at them and think, these are my mini-mes.

I love the Amazing Race but from the comfort of my couch. One day I'll be able to run again.

Most importantly, I'm fun, friendly and just the right amount of awkward ... you're guaranteed a laugh working with me.  Direct quote "You can make friends with a rock."  True story.